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All Vinyl is Not the Same

Removal of vinyl graphics is one of the most often overlooked areas by customers during the initial quoting process of a project.

While vinyl will provide years of attractive fade free graphics and allow removability far superior to painted graphics, ALL vinyl is NOT the same.  Utilizing 3M premium vinyl saves you time and money at the end of a promotion.


It is our advice that you consider the advantages of planning ahead with your project to include removability issues up front. 

We strongly recommend 3M premium graphics films.  Over the years they have consistently proven to be reliable and dependable for years of enjoyment and for removability. 


It's important to use a high quality 3M vinyl from the start instead of a "cheaper" vinyl.   Removing lesser quality vinyls are tedious, and therefore expensive in labor removal hours. 


Our installation staff is experienced in the removal of vinyl graphics when the time comes to sell or turn your vehicle in when off lease. 


Our goal is to have all installations conform to the manufacturer's specifications to provide the full warranty.  Taking short cuts to help out the budget at the at the start of a project hurts you in the end.

Let the Experts Do It!

  • If vinyl is not removed properly and adhesive is left behind, it will attract dirt. 

  • If glue is left on the surface, it will dry out and become more difficult to remove later.

  • It is easier for us to remove the vinyl and adhesive at the same time.  

  • Sometimes the cost to remove glue after it has dried for a long amount of time is more labor intensive.

  • Des Moines facility has four radiant heat bays.  Three of the four bays are deep enough for 53 ft trailers.  We have a shag tractor to bring trailers in and out on our property only. 

  • St. Louis facility has one large over-sized bay that can hold a 53 ft trailer.  We also have a shag tractor to bring trailers in and out on our property only.

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